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Four Different Types of Pompano Beach Garage Door Openers for You to Choose From

There are four different types of door openers widely available in the market for any garage doors that can be installed by a Pompano Beach garage door repair services technician, and these are the belt-drive, direct-drive, chain-drive, and lastly the screw-drive.  These four are differentiated to each other by the type of mechanical drive, it is used in order for it to function well.

  1. The first one is the belt-drive type of garage door opener. This is the type that uses a metal reinforced rubber belt (instead of a chain) which is a lot more the same to a fan belt of a car.  This is being considered as a more expensive type than the chain drive type of a garage door opener, it works silently, and can lift up even the heaviest type of garage door and can last for years of good service, and most especially this belts often comes with a belt warranty for a lifetime.
  1. The second one is the direct-drive. This is the type of garage door openers that are being widely used in Europe for the last thirty years, and it is making its way in the US as well.  These are the one that is using a self-driving motor that comes with a stationary chain with it.  Aside from that, this type is also being considered as the one that can be maintained easily, have a warranty which covers everything which makes it a lot more reliable than the other types of garage door openers, and it works as silently as the belt drive does.  And the best part of it is that, this is the type that moves faster than the others.
  • Third and the most common type is the chain drive. This is the inexpensive type that works with the help of a chain looped around the trail of your garage door opener.  This type was the first one that had been released and used around the globe and is still making its name up to the present.  Unlike the belt drive and direct drive, the chain drive doesn’t work quietly, but can be hidden in the unit itself to lessen the noise that it have when it is in use.
  1. And last but not the least, the screw drive, is the type of garage opener that are considered as the easiest one to be installed and only requires a little bit of maintenance in the future. This is the type of garage door opener that uses a long metal rod, threaded as a screw in order for it to function.  What’s more is that, the only maintenance that it needed is by always keeping it properly lubricated to have its greatest function without any noise.

Now that you already know the different types of garage door opener and you are still confused and having doubts on what type will suit you, your personality, and your needs all you have to do is to consult in any garage door repair Pompano Beach for they are the ones who are experts on this job.